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24 January 2011 @ 11:14 pm
New Releases as of 1/24/2011  
Here are some of the latest releases that have come out over the last three days across the internet:

We're Alive - Chapter 18 - Part 1 The latest episode of Modern Myth Productions' zombie audio drama is up and running. It's part 1 of Chapter 18, entitled "No Place Like Home."  If you are new to this series, you can find direct downloads of all the earlier chapters here.

19 Nocturne Boulevard - Wit & Wizardry
:  The latest episode from the award winning anthology series 19 Nocturne Boulevard. Today's episode is called "Wit & Wizardry".  Earlier episodes can be found here, but it is not necessary to listen to them in any particular order.  Nearly every episode is a self-contained story unto itself.

Genesis Avalon - Episode 16 - Scars of the Past:  The latest episode from Pendant Productions' original series "Genesis Avalon" has just been released. Enjoy episode sixteen, "Scars of the Past".  If you are new to the series, the rest of the past episodes can be found on this same page right below the latest episode.

The Witch Hunter Chronicles - Episode Ten - Veritas
:  An Audio Epics production, the latest serving of the Witch Hunter Chronicles is episode ten, "Veritas".   All earlier episodes can be found here.
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