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the visuals are overrated

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A community for fans of old time radio shows and audio dramas of many different genres.
Are you tired of listening to music on your iPod or mp3 player? Do you like listening to audiobooks, but wish that they used sound effects and multiple actors to play various parts? When you're working on the computer, do you listen to videos of your favorite movies and tv series in separate window?

If any of the previous applied to you, then it's time you checked out the wonderful world of audio dramas.

An audio drama is a dramatic performance written and performed specifically for audio presentation. It's got all the meat and potatoes of a scripted, well-cast tv show or movie, without the visuals. With great actors and realistic sound effects, a listener's imagination is allowed to run away with their ears alone.

So join the Audio Drama Club and enjoy the various series showcased here.

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